createSelectors API

As it was stated in createTile, selectors object is exposed and can be queried against state without any problems. But by the same reasons as described in createActions, it is nice to have the same nesting as in type property, and this function takes care of it:

import { createSelectors } from 'redux-tiles';
import tiles from '../tiles';

const selectors = createSelectors(tiles);

Note on the top reducer

If you integrate redux-tiles into existing project, or you have other, non-tiled reducers, you have to specify namespace in createEntities or createReducers, so that selectors will try to get correct data.

Tiles parameter

createActions takes a single parameter, tiles, and it can be an array or an object of tiles. The next structure is allowed:

const userTiles = [userLogin, userData, userPreferences];
const uiTiles = [notifications, popup];
const arrayTiles = [

const objectTiles = {

To learn more about actual selector functions, please read advanced guide. It addresses questions like why do we need such functions and how to use them.

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