CreateActions API

As it was described in createTile, you can get action directly from the tile, and dispatch by yourself, there are no caveats at all. One problem, though, lies in the space of nesting – we can specify type: ['ui', 'notifications', 'warning'], but if we access actions directly, we would have to combine some common object by ourselves, to achieve something like actions.ui.notifications.warning. createActions solves exactly this problem – it iterates over the array of tiles, and based on the given type constructs this nested object.

So, let's see some example:

import { createActions, createTile } from 'redux-tiles';

const userTile = createTile({
  type: ['user', 'data', 'get'],
  fn: someAction,
const tiles = [userTile];

const actions = createActions(tiles); === userTile.action; // true

This function is a pure sugar, but it is nice to have them nested exactly the same way it is in the type property.

Tiles parameter

createActions takes a single parameter, tiles, and it can be an array or an object of tiles. The next structure is allowed:

const userTiles = [userLogin, userData, userPreferences];
const uiTiles = [notifications, popup];
const arrayTiles = [

const objectTiles = {

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